Admission Criteria
(i) A Hospital discharge certificate
(ii) Status-terminally ill, poorest of the poor with
      no homes nor dependants
(iii) Free from any infectious diseases, and
(iv) Any race or religion or creed

Special Features of the Myanmar Humanitarian Hospice
  • effective symptoms control in advanced cancer
  • palliative care addresses appropriate therapy. At this stage our focus shifts to quality of life not quantity.
    Issues cannot be addressed satisfactorily if there is pain or physical distress;
  • pain control is our paramount concern. Use of non-opiods, aspirin, paracetamol and opiods codein and
    morphine generously contributed by the State beautiful and spacious settings. Landscaping on
  • 5 acres of land in Yangon and Mandalay. Patients spend evenings on wheel chairs. spiritual needs. There
    are Buddhist Prayer Rooms,
  • Christian Chapels. Electronic system in all wards for religious tapes. Religious pilgrim trips for patients
    to several famous pagodas, Buddhists prayer meetings with Reverend monks are held frequently. gaining
    merit with nutritious feeding of all
  • patients, family attendants, nurses and some staff bereavement, burial costs are borne by the Hospice.
    Sermons and burial rites are provided.
  • patients wishing to donate their bodies and retina of their eyes are arranged with respective specialist
  • young orphans left behind are placed in homes for care.
  • Buddhist monks and nuns are cared for as patients.
  • novitiating novice monks to fulfill wished of a dying mother.
  • cash assistance to bereaved families.
  • music therapy at the centre. Entertainment by famous actors and vocalists.
    This uplifts the patients' and staff morale.

No.(2)Highway Road, East Dagon Township, Yangon. Tel: +951-585134
No.(64-B), Shwegon Plaza, Shwegonedine, Bahan Township, Yangon.
Tel: +951-541495


Mandalay Yankin Taung Road, East Moat, Patheingyi Township, Mandalay.
Tel: +952-57011

Copyright 2007 by U Hla Tun, Hospice (Cancer) Foundation. Prepared by DPS